Brocato Vibrastrait Oscillating Iron, 1 inch

Brocato Vibrastrait Oscillating Iron, 1 inchI've gone through a number of flat irons (my most recent was an FHI that started to make my hair stink horribly) but none can compare to this one. I love the vibrating factor b/c is allows you to release your hair easier without pulling on it. I love the auto shut-off... there's so many flat irons that do not have that feature which is very important if you're operating at 450*. The digital interface is great and easy to use and it leaves my hair soft and not frizzy or fried. I actually use it for CURLING not straightening and it works fantastic. I highly recommend it. Although I have seen it (& bought it) cheaper than this price listed.

I thought this flat iron would change my did not. But it did do a wonderful job. I am an African American with natural chemical processing whatsoever. In the past I received two to three relaxers a year. Back to the flat iron! I have owned a chi, ghd, and now the brocato. I would say the visual end results were all the same across the board but it was the process that I saw a difference. The brocato had the fasting time in heat up and completion. The temperature control was a great help. The chi and ghd typically averaged 375/390 degrees with no temp control. The brocato goes up to 450 which was a help for my natural hair. I prefer 410 or 420. At the end of the day I saw no small pieces of hair left on the plate and the vibration helps you move through the hair and not overheat/over process certain areas. The only challenge was the vibration caused some adjusting on my end when curling. I didn't get the hang of it until half way in. You can turn the vibration off but if you do that then the only benefit is the temp control. I also found it cheaper at a local beauty store.

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I bought this iron at a popular beauty store where the sales assistant assured me that all of the stylists there had converted to it and that she had yet to see one taken back. The lack of reviews online made me hesistant to buy it, but I figured that I would give it a shot. When I first used it, the vibration was a little stronger than I had expected, but nothing that I couldn't get used to.

However, after the first use the mechanism that vibrates began rattling like a volkswagen. It almost sounds like a piece got loose, but the sound occurs only about half the time I use it. Furthermore, while I feel that the vibration might be helping my hair glide through easier, its definately not a noticable difference. I worry about the longevity of the iron, as my last T3 lasted me for 3 years and this feature is showing wear after only 1 use. It straightens and curls well, but I'll most likely be returning it before it completely craps out on me.

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I was pleased with the flat iron itself until after using it for only 3 months the vibration stopped. I continued to use the iron because it still worked just fine without the vibration but then 3 months after the vibration died the entire iron sparked and wouldn't turn on. Over all it was a good flat iron and worked well with my thick wavy hair but I wouldn't have payed $200 for a flat iron that only worked for 6 months. I called the Bracato company because it was still under warranty to get a replacement and they told me that a replacement would be shipped out in a few days. Then after a month of waiting for no iron, I called back to see where my replacement was. The same lady I talked to a month before told me that there had been a fire in their distribution center about 6 months ago and the irons are on back order and I wouldn't receive a new iron for 4 more weeks. I was very upset that she never told me upfront that they where on back order the first time I called. When I asked if I could get my money back to get a new iron she told me that they are not legally responsible to give me my money back because the warranty is a replacement warranty only. After asking her if there was any other solution to this situation she all but hung up on me. Needless to say, if I spend $200 on a flat iron ever again, I WILL NOT buy from them only because their customer service is awful.

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